Fire & Smoke Restoration

In the event of a home or business fire there is a large task of replacing all damaged property and cleaning what remains. Property that remains after a fire may be damaged by soot and smoke, as well as chemicals and water used by firefighters. Even if the fire was confined, smoke and soot most likely traveled throughout the home or business affecting carpet, upholstery, drapes, walls, clothing, and other personal items. In order to recover and repair your damaged property, you will need to clean the soot and smoke damage from textiles, clothing, furniture, walls and ceilings to remove the smoky odor, this can be a very challenging task.

The unexpected can and does happen, and it generally happens when we least expect it. If you or a loved one has recently fallen victim to the devastating effects of a home or business fire, you understand how it can effect you in ways you would never expect. The importance of losing your valuables, you can also sustain a large amount of damage to your home. It takes skillful restoration care to get back on your feet, and our professionals can help get you there and begin the fire damage restoration process.

Professional Fire and Smoke Cleaning

It can be difficult to determine where to start when it comes to fire damage remediation.
First, Get permission from the local fire marshal to safely re-enter your home. Don’t enter your home or other buildings affected by fire until you get approval from a professional that it is safe to do so.

The Importance of Ventilation and Circulation

Next, Allow fresh air to circulate. As soon as possible, open windows in each room to increase ventilation and circulation by bring in a small fan to increase the amount of air flow into the room. This will help clear the building of any residual smoke, minimize the smoke odor, and provide fresh and soot-free air for you to breathe, it’s essential to have the proper equipment such as Wear safety goggles, masks, and heavy-duty gloves.

Failure to start the restoration process immediately can become quite costly. Smoke damage rapidly increases, and you will soon begin to see a slight yellow dis-colorization that can become permanent. This residue needs to be removed as quick as possible. Our restoration technicians have the tools necessary to ensure this is done efficiently. Other things that must be completed quickly include:

  • Removing the source of possible dangerous toxins
  • Removing the source of foul odors
  • Salvaging items that can be saved
  • Using deodorizing solutions
  • Taking preventive measures to reduce the chance of re-contamination

Quality Counts When It Comes to Smoke Damage Restoration

Quality counts when it comes to smoke damage restoration, and you owe it to yourself and your family to invest in the services of the professionals. While professional smoke damage repair can be costly and potentially unfriendly to the environment, we will use environmentally-friendly smoke removal procedures. Our staff has the combination of knowledge, experience and tools to help get your home or business back in satisfying condition. This is certainly a stressful time for you, and we make it our mission to take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on the many other important things you need to do.